Please call for updates on Tarantulas, Scorpions, and Millipedes! Inventory changes rapidly on these easy care critters!

We carry a large assortment of scorpions and tarantulas, including captive bred spiderlings. We currently have these spiderlings in stock: Featherleg baboons, King Baboons, Singapore Blues, Chaco Golden Knees, Martinique Pink Toes, Mexican Red Knees, and 3rd instar Emperor Scorpions and Vinegaroons. As far as juveniles through adults go, we currently have: Rosehairs, Common Pink Toes, Venezuelan Red Pink Toes, Brazilian Reds, Chaco Golden Knees, Normal and Pink Costa Rican Zebras, Brazilian Goliaths (Birdeater), Sri Lankan Ghost Ornamentals, Giant Redslate Ornamentals, Chilean Coppers, Rio Grande Golds, Mexican Fire Legs, and Purple Femurs. We also have Flat Rocks, Fl Striped Barks, Iomachus politus, and Uroctonus Mordax.

We do carry orange and gray isopods as well as springtail cultures.. These make great bedding cleaners! And are non toxic if your animal decides that they are a tasty treat as well.

Again, please call for availability, stock changes very quickly!