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Welcome to the revolving door of reptile breeding. Our stock of animals is constantly on the move. Using the links below, you can visit the various pages to see what we currently have. Although we work hard to keep these pages accurate, the best way to know for sure what we have is to pay us a visit!

A whole lot of babies are available, eating and doing well, ready for new homes!

Twin Cities Reptiles breeds many of our own reptiles. In doing this, we are able to give you an entire history of the animal that you are getting, including feed records. This is very important, especially in the spring when massive amounts of ball pythons are shipped into the country and into the stores with no idea of if that animal is going to eat or make it through the stress of the whole ordeal. Please feel free to ask about any of the animals we have, and we’ll be happy to help.














Green and Black Aurauts


Brachypelma Albiceps

When you visit

When looking around, if you see a cage that is marked NFS, this means Not For Sale. There can be different reasons for this, please do not assume that the animal is sold. If they are adult breeders and marked NFS Breeders, those are not for sale because they are where the babies come from that we do sell. We enjoy being able to sell a variety of snakes and lizards that we have bred ourselves and can tell you everything about! Sometimes a cage will be marked NFS because it is too young to sell. We don’t like to sell tiny babies, we want them to be well started and know that they are going to do well for you. Also, they could be marked NFS because it is a new animal to us and we want to make sure that they are doing well, eating well, healthy and clean. We always want any purchase from us to be a good experience for you, and making sure that the animals are healthy is top priority. If there is an animal marked NFS that isn’t a breeder, feel free to inquire about it! If it is a case where it’s just on hold for a few weeks we are happy to take your name and number and call you when it’s available.