Amphibians can be a slightly more difficult pet to keep, but if you keep in mind that they absorb everything through their skin they are not hard at all. In Minnesota winters when the air is very dry, try adding live plants to the tank to help keep the humidity up. Make sure that there is no fertilizers or pesticides though!

Available Tree Frogs
Red Eyes, Albino Red Eyes, Whites (Dumpy), Goldens, and Greens. This stock changes rapidly, please call for availability or if there is anything you are looking for and don’t see listed.

Dart frog availability changes very rapidly! Please call if there are any that you are looking for. Although we try to carry a large selection, these are an extremely popular pet and go very quickly. 

Also Available
Red Legged Walkers, Painted Chubbies, and Pixies, and Horned. Again, stock changes very rapidly, please give us a call!

Available Aquatic
Fire belly toads, Italian Alpine Newts. Please don’t hesitate to call for availability!